When planning your future home remodeling project, it becomes more crucial to learn what changes improve the worth of the house. The planet looks very different in 2022 from a few years before that and the housing market has faced significant changes and re-évaluations in which home improvements increase value in recent years. Home office spaces and outdoor areas have become increasingly sought features. Based on current trends in home improvement, we include new product suggestions updated for 2022 incorporating a variety of features following upgrades.

Growth in Home Improvement Spending Expected to Slow by 2023

If you plan on home renovations or improvement projects by the end of 2020, the cost rise will continue until it cools down. In the aftermath, the rate of house renovations in the United States has dropped significantly during the pandemic and is predicted to reach 18.3% a year, a 4% annual increase by the third quarter of 2021. The economy is projected by analysts to shrink from 15 percent in the second quarter to around $425 billion in the first quarter. The construction industry will slow down even further when construction costs rise.

Best low-cost home improvements for resale

It’s not necessary to spend much for an attractive home to the future buyer and it could change the entire situation. Having good maintenance can make a good home attractive to buyers, said David Steckel. A well-maintained house will probably sell for 10 percent over the average property. Buyers make the best possible investment in their lifetime and they want the peace and security that they’re putting their money in a house that is well maintained. Take advantage of this low-cost project that will give future buyers to you good value.

Top home improvements that add the most value

The table shows the average sales value increase and decrease for 11 renovation projects in the United States. The median house price for each market is assumed.

Home Renovation ProjectsAverage Sales Value IncreaseAverage Sales Value Decrease
Add Pools7.6%$22,000
Complete Basement66%$22,000
Add 3 Bedrooms6.6%$250,000
Add Complete Bathroom5.9%$118,000
Add Living Space5.3%$117.80
Full Renovation Kitchen4%$15,000
Renovate Old Building3.3%$14,000

Smart home technology

In Millennial Surveys, 45% of millennials cited smart home technology as the key to home searches. Add a smart thermostat or smart light: The smart light can also save money on your money and help you with energy bills and cut down your heating costs. In the US, around 33 million people relied on a thermostat for heating and cooling. A new analysis of sales data by ZILLOW shows that LED lighting leads to a 9% sales premium.

Upgrades that enhance your home’s curb appeal

Curb appeal attracts customers before anyone even enters your home. For starters, beautiful landscaping entails maintaining your residence. HomeLight found 7% more potential buyers who would buy houses with excellent curb appeal over those with poor exteriors. The Return on Investment in curb appeal is the highest in the Northeast – where the cost of curb appeal will return a total of $3600 over the year, a home light agent says. There is no need for much money. Basic lawn care, including trimming grass, costs roughly $360 and provides a 539% return on investment.

New lighting

Good lighting is vital to show the uniqueness of the existing space in the home. Upgraded lights can easily and cheaply be installed, making small rooms appear more spacious. Almost half of the new homeowners in the area have replaced their natural light fixtures. How does an LED bulb work? Install Mirrors: The addition of mirrored windows can provide additional daylight to the space – something that is great for a home staging job.

quartz lightningkitchen

Small bathroom updates

It does not require replacing tiles or adding fixtures for a facelift in bathrooms. 27% made improvements to the restroom after selling, this is a very simple repair. Replace old lights: Replace the mirror lights in an improved style. Adding a new bathtub is cheaper than replacing the older one. DISCONTINUE on spa improvements: Spa-inspired bathroom ambiance has boosted sale prices by almost 3% in the past two decades, but in 2022 the lack of resell benefits was not seen in the same in ground swimming pool.

How to budget for renovations to increase home value

Make an informed decision on what to spend on renovating your home before you start looking at renovation plans.

Should I add more interior living space to my home?

Adding a room to an apartment is likely to increase the average property price by 5.3%. This is approximately $16,26 more than the previous year. It will consist of 150 sqm of ground living space for residents.

RankCityAverage Resell Value IncreaseAverage Resell Increase
1Sacramento, California6.2%$19,500
2Tucson, Arizona6.7%$12,550 USD
3Tampa, Florida5.9%$177,000

The table above shows the top 3 cities with the highest average resell value increase and average resell increase for interior spaces. It also notes that adding a bedroom typically creates greater value than expanding living space, but in some metropolitan areas like Austin, Colorado, and Tucson, a larger or second bedroom can create even more resale value than just adding one room.

Manufactured Stone Veneer Installation

Many homeowners prefer rock for home maintenance. The installation of manufactured stone panels around the lower third of the facade increases curb appeal. It is about 1% less expensive than the current average and it is about 90% of what the current market has.

How to choose home improvements with the best ROI

Value Investing is more than just a return on investment. Knowing the potential benefits of the investment can help you determine how well it is going to repay. Secondly, there should be a better understanding of costs. In Phoenix a kitchen remodel would cost a few thousand dollars $23000 and the median price of remodeling a home would be about $15,000. The costs of local projects are varied but in terms of ROI, this means that renovating the median cost of kitchens in Phoenix will return about $7000 to the homeowner.

Renovations that won’t add value in every market

There’s no guarantee of getting more clients with your house improvement work, even for those things they like and enjoy when you stay home. You may not need these luxury upgrades when renovating your home but rather avoid them.

How to calculate the ROI for a kitchen remodel

Home values before remodeling $200,000. Home values after remodeling: $223,000 (+123.75 USD). Cost of remodeling in the kitchen: $15,000 ROI ($8) (+52%) Estimate value added in advance makes negotiating easier. Even when the ROI for a renovation is negative like in higher priced homes, you should also consider rising costs and how much your own money will enjoy it. Although some homeowners want to remodel magazines to maximize their returns others may prefer to improve their living standards.

Replace your garage door

Garage door sounds very odd or dingy? Perhaps it has a dated style than that of your neighbors? A fresh garage door will be well worth it. Homelight reports a new garage door costs around $1200 and adds around $2797 to asking price of a refurbished garage with an average 133% return. It is not impossible to get an upgrade from Clopay’s popular Classic collection ($648).

garage door old

Vinyl Window Installation

Construction MaterialROI RankingAverage National PriceYear-over-Year ChangeRecouped Value
Vinyl WindowsHighest$20,0001%6%
Upscale Primary Bedroom AdditionLowest$3,500N/A66%

According to Remodeling Magazine, newly constructed vinyl windows rank highest in ROI among national used construction materials. These improvements not only increase energy efficiency but also enhance the curb appeal of a house. On average, the national price for these windows is $20,000, with a 1% year-over-year change and a 6% recouped value. On the other hand, an upscale primary bedroom addition ranks at the bottom level, with an average national price of over $3,500 and only 66% of the expense recouped.

window vinyl on window glass
Young latin man installing frosted window vinyl on window glass.

Swap out your fixtures in the kitchen and bathrooms

A new faucet, knobs, and pulls give the room a modern, cohesive look. Although trends vary throughout the nation try chrome-plated chrome or stainless-steel fixtures for the latest style or opulent bronze if you like classic lines.

Should I add a bedroom to my home?

Our research showed that your home value is the most likely to improve when you add another family room in. Averaging 3 bedrooms increases the average by about 6.6% on median homes. The estimated value is that it is worth $19,833. The project consists in adding a second or third bedroom to the home’s exterior and that will increase the aboveground living area by 450 square feet. A typical bedroom includes a wardrobe, windows, and doors. Top 3 cities for adding rooms. Average reselling cost % increase. Average re-sales cost increased. 1. L.A., Calif. 8.4% $50100. 2. Orlando, Florida 75% $222,550. 4. Miami FL 7 % 14450$.

Refinish your hardwood floors, or revamp them with luxury vinyl planks

Costs paid for updated or new floors will vary by house price and the condition of the current home. I don’t recommend people replacing carpets because they know they’ll be coming in and replacing them with hardwoods, Russell said. Usually, sellers will have a flooring allowance when a customer wants less money for it. Whether the flooring is worn or the pet is sick or tired, it can cost thousands to repair and refinish it. Refinishing hardwood flooring typically costs between $38 and 8 for every square foot per inch in total.

Upgrades that add physical square footage or make the home feel more spacious

Homeowners always value a lot of space and they want much more in their lives than they currently have today. NAHB conducted surveying of 3,247 home buyers from a range of ages, incomes, regions, races, and ethnic groups to determine the best possible buyer. The majority wanted an average of 2.042 square feet—8% more than the average home’s square footage. The most likely choice was a 3-bedroom house, 37% preferred two bathrooms. 44% preferred two cars.

Put in energy-efficient appliances and windows

Appliances and light fixtures with the Energy Star logo are classified as important or desirable home features. Try the products recommended to be ENERGY STAR CERTIFICATION including washing machines, dryers, dishwashers, and fridges among others. In terms of windows, the federal government’s minimum energy savings standard for new glass differs by your climate zone.

Do home improvements increase equity?

Many people borrow money to pay for their home renovation work. This home improvement project will increase equity and interest payments on the property.

What decreases home value?

Changing market conditions may affect your home’s value. Nature disasters and climate change will lower property values as the property will be riskier to buy. A foreclosure can reduce the value of an apartment or house.

What home improvements add the most value?

How to improve your living space? refinish the bathroom. Replace hardwoods. Install new insulation. Convert basements into bedrooms and living areas. Purchase vinyl siding. Bring out the roof. Restore the door. Install Vinyl and wood windows. Remodeling the kitchen. Finished wood floor installation. Improved insulation. Turn the unfinished basement into a living room for occupants. Get siding. Install roofs. Install garage windows. I want it. Install vinyl windows.

What renovations decrease home value the most?

Below are some common house improvements that should be avoided based on their cost. flooring between two walls. Swim. Garage conversion. Do It Yourself projects! I’d like to do this. Bold colors. A sunroom is added. Textures on walls. Over-grown landscape. The carpets in the walls. Swimming pools. Garage conversions. Home-made crafts. Bright hues. Add sunrooms. Textured walls or ceilings. Overgrown gardens.

Washbasin in a modern bathroom with ornamental plants and bathroom accessories.

What increases the home value the most?

The five biggest projects adding the most money to sales in 2022 include refinished wood floors and installing new wood floors, as well as major home improvements such as upgrading insulation.

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